Astrology is Healing

•Astrology can heal you. It’s a natural practice. Instead of just getting rid of symptoms it can make you whole.[MORE]

Four Things You Don’t Know About Chinese Astrology...

•Stuff the placemats in a Chinese restaurant won’t tell you... [MORE]

System of Hermes

•Hellenistic Astrology from Ancient Greece has returned after over 2000 years, and the credit goes to Robert H. Schmidt.[MORE]

Jyotish from India

•There is more astrology in India today than in all the rest of the world, combined. And it’s wonderful stuff.[MORE]

The Simplest Chart

•What does a Chinese Chart look like?(Students of Chinese astrology: READ THIS FIRST)[MORE]

Chart Formats I Use

•If you use Three Astrologies, you have to make them Web-friendly.[MORE]

Little Differences Mean A Lot

•You need a human being to interpret your chart for you.[MORE]

Day Stem

•The Day Stem is the most important piece of the Chinese chart.[MORE]

Birthday Twins

•With only 518,400 possible Chinese charts, some of them are going to repeat.[MORE]

Felicia and Charles and the Issue of Issue

•She wants kids, he doesn’t. What’s going on?.[MORE]

Three Zodiacs

•I’m bragging here, and I admit it :) This is my posting to a prestigeous international astrology forum, on a topic very dear to my heart.[MORE]

One Chart is Not Enough

•One chart per astrology — why I use three.[MORE]

Two NEW Kinds of Prejudice

•March 19, 2010[MORE]

Identical but Different

•Identical Four Pillars Chinese charts can happen all over the world — but they will all have different positions for the Ascendant, Midheaven, and the planets. March 30, 2010[MORE]

Detox For The Soul

•A magical practice called Network Chiropractic, that does for you exactly what the title says. May 23, 2010[MORE]

You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet!

•Our First Superstar Singer: Chinese Astrology Figures Out His Birth Information, October 5, 2012[MORE]

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