About Me:)

Author of the new book, “Pillars of Heaven: Chinese Astrology Revealed,” Ko was originally an opponent of astrology, who would insult astrologers to their faces(!) A devotee of the Four Pillars Chinese astrology since 1986, his initial contact to the rest of the astrological world was through Project Hindsight. Ko has lectured at the UAC in 2002, the NORWAC and the AFA conferences in 2003.

My Animation Career

Your Asian Astrologer used to be an animation artist in the motion picture business in Los Angeles. Below is a list of the films Ko has worked on:

Ghostbusters 1984
Commando 1985
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night 1987
The Hunt For Red October 1990
The Prince and the Pauper 1990
FernGully: The Last Rainforest 1992
Tom and Jerry: The Movie 1992
Cool World 1992
The Last Action Hero 1993
The Swan Princess 1994
Cats Don’t Dance 1997
Hercules 1997
Mulan 1998
Tarzan 1999
Rugrats in Paris 2000
Rugrats Go Wild 2003
Return of the Magi (as himself) 2008

Hey Ko, what about the funky website design here?

That’s a fair question, considering that I used to be employed as an artist, and that my artistic leanings haven’t totally shriveled up and died. The best answer I can give is that I value ease-of-use over looking glittery and pretty, when it comes to web sites.

I commend the reader to Jakob Nielsens web site Useit.com.

I also admit to having some control-freak in me. I programmed and composed this web site all by my lonesome so that I could be independent of outside help as much as possible:)

If you want to see a truly beautiful astrology website, check out my friend Judy Crescenzo’s Skypatterns.com.

Ko Hashiguchi • 425-919-2169 • Ko@asianastro.com