The Simplest Chart

I have stated in earlier writings that the Four Pillars Chinese chart is the simplest astrology that can describe a person fully. If the chart is so simple, what does one look like?

	3 1 8 9                                                 甲 丙 
	9 5 4 3                                                辰 巳 午 戍

Both the stacked numbers and the stacked Chinese characters are the same Four Pillars Chinese chart. The stacked numbers are a personal adaptation from a system of chart construction used by the teacher of my first Chinese astrology teacher. Way back in 1986 numbers were much easier to display on a computer than Chinese characters. It’s what I’ve gotten used to, and I can see the chart more quickly and easily than using the traditional Chinese characters. I’ve included the traditional Chinese characters for the practicioners who understand them better.

Here’s the Chinese chart example translated into English words:

	Yang Fire  Yang Wood  Yin Metal  Yang Water
	Dog        Horse      Snake      Dragon

“Yang Fire” and “Yang Water” are what are called Heavenly Stems in the tradition. “Dog” and “Dragon” are the Zodiac Animals, or what are called Earthly Branches in the tradition. Together a Heavenly Stem and an Earthly Branch stacked one on top of the other are a “Pillar.” As there are four of them, this gives Four Pillars Chinese astrology its name.

The “Heavenly Stems,” the characters on the top of the columns in the Chinese chart, are as follows:

Yang Wood
Yin Wood
Yang Fire
Yin Fire
Yang Earth
Yin Earth
Yang Metal
Yin Metal
Yang Water
Yin Water

Here are the integers and Chinese characters corresponding to the Stems:

Yang Wood = 1 (甲)
Yin Wood = 2 (乙)
Yang Fire = 3 (丙)
Yin Fire = 4 (丁)
Yang Earth = 5 (戊)
Yin Earth = 6 (己)
Yang Metal = 7 (庚)
Yin Metal = 8 (辛)
Yang Water = 9 (壬)
Yin Water = X (癸)

The “Earthly Branches,” otherwise known as the Chinese zodiac animals, are as follows:


Here are the integers and Chinese characters corresponding to the Branches:

Rat = * (子)
Ox = 0 (丑)
Tiger = 1 (寅)
Rabbit = 2 (卯)
Dragon = 3 (辰)
Snake = 4 (巳)
Horse = 5 (午)
Sheep = 6 (未)
Monkey = 7 (申)
Rooster = 8 (酉)
Dog = 9 (戍)
Boar = X (亥)

This pillar is the Yang Wood/Rat:


This pillar is the Yin Fire/Snake:


This pillar is the Yin Fire/Boar:


After a very short while, you see the stacked characters and you know at a glance just what the Stem and Branch are. It’s liberating.

Let me finish up with a few examples of this simplest of all charts. The first one I listed, which I repeat here...

	3 1 8 9                                                 甲 丙 
	9 5 4 3                                                辰 巳 午 戍 our former president George W. Bush.

This one...

	2 5 4 9                                                 戊 乙 
	2 * 0 1                                                寅 丑 子 卯 singer Frank Sinatra.

This one...

	3 9 7 4                                                 壬 丙 
	1 3 3 0                                                丑 辰 辰 寅 Queen Elizabeth II.

This one...

	3 7 1 1                                                	庚 丙 
	5 7 3 *                                                子 辰 申 午 necrophiliac and cannibal Edward Gein, the real-life inspiration for "Psycho," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and "Silence of the Lambs."

This one...

	7 7 5 5                                                 庚 庚 
	3 3 9 5                                                午 戍 辰 辰 actor Al Pacino.

This one...

	2 3 9 8                                                 丙 乙 
	6 9 9 X                                                亥 戍 戍 未 William Henry Gates III, the richest person ever born in Seattle, Washington. And this one...

	3 X 8 X                                                	癸 丙 
	1 4 8 4                                                巳 酉 巳 寅 actress-singer-pinup model Marilyn Monroe.

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