Hellenistic Astrology: The System of Hermes

Around 160 B.C.E. one man, or a small group of men took the twelve-sign astrology of the Babylonians, expanded it and changed it into something completely different. The name of legend we give to this person is Hermes Tresmegistos — Hermes the Thrice-Great. Today we credit dear Hermes with the most famous aphorism in all of astrology: “As above, so below.”

Without question, the astrology that sprung up amongst the Greek-speaking peoples around 160 B.C.E. is the origin of all modern Western astrology. It was at this time, for the first time in history, the “beginning” of the zodiac was set at the Spring Equinox, rather than tied to certain fixed marker stars in the heavens.

By translating the surviving manuscripts into English and relentlessly wrestling the philosophical intricacies into submission, Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight and the Phaser Foundation has brought this original Greek astrology back into coherent form. In the early stages of his researches the techniques he unearthed were brought to bear on one nativity: that of Albert Einstein. To his utter shock, every single Ancient Greek technique worked on Einstein’s chart. The only one that he could not confirm had to do with a mole or mark in a specific place on Einstein’s body. Everything else worked.

Your Asian Astrologer has been a devotee of Project Hindsight since January of 1996. He remains in contact with Schmidt and Ellen Black of the Project and is busily studying these Ancient Greek techniques. I am of the opinion that any Western astrologer without access to these materials will be seriously behind in their ability to consult with clients before very long.

It is also my un-humble opinion that Robert Schmidt is the least-dispensible person in astrology today. If Mr. Schmidt were to suddenly vanish, the astrological world would be injured more grievously than by the loss of anyone else alive. You can see more about Hellenistic astrology HERE.

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