One Chart is Not Enough

It’s necessary to look at more than one astrology, and more than one natal chart, to see what you need to see.

Here is a chart from Jyotish:

║         │         │ura      │SUN      ║ SUN  22Gem38'33
║         │         │         │Ven      ║ MON  07Aqu14'31
║         │         │         │Mar      ║ Mer  03Can26'19
║         │         │         │Jup      ║ Ven  12Gem26'23
╟─────────┼─────────┴─────────┼─────────╢ Mar  00Gem40'50
║MON      │                   │Rah      ║ Jup  15Gem12'46
║         │                   │Mer      ║ Sat  24Vir04'27
║         │                   │         ║ ura  18Tau11'28
║         │                   │         ║ nep  01Vir41'15
╟─────────┤                   ├─────────╢ plu  06Cap48'58
║plu      │                   │         ║ Rah  15Can51'42
║Ket      │                   │         ║ Ket  15Cap51'42
║         │                   │         ║ ASC  09Sag53'43
║         │                   │         ║
║ASC      │         │         │Sat      ║
║         │         │         │nep      ║
║         │         │         │         ║
║         │         │         │         ║

Most anyone familiar with Jyotish can see that this is a pretty impressive chart: it possesses a triple-Rajayoga in the seventh house, uniting the rulers of houses 1, 4, 5, and 9.

Here is a Four Pillars Chinese chart:

	3 1 7 2                                                 甲 丙
	7 5 1 8                                                酉 寅 午 申

Anyone familiar with Chinese astrology can see that this is not a strong chart. One harmony, one conflict, both the Year and the Day Animals are in aversion to the Animal of the Hour. There’s virtually no feed for the Day Stem, either.

Both of these charts record the same date, time, and place. This is the birth chart of the United States of America, set for July 4, 1776 at 6:30pm Local Mean Time, Philadelphia. The time has been rectified by American-born Vedic astrologer, James Kelleher.

The historical default birth time for the U.S., the one generally regarded as having the most historical support is 5:10pm LMT, which is according to the British astrologer Ebenezer Sibly. For this example I don’t hesitate to use the Kelleher rectified birth time because the Chinese chart for both Sibly and Kelleher is exactly the same — which admittedly serves my point.

For what it’s worth, a Yang Metal Day Stem born at Rooster Hour is a chart characteristic shared by President Obama.

Looking at the chart as if it were a person, a number of distinctive patterns show up:

The way this person is seen in the general public is the worst enemy of the way the person sees himself. The general public personality is the very definition of “Yankee Ingenuity,” intensely and patiently solves problems and then loudly takes center stage and takes credit for his brilliant work. The way this person sees himself is quiet, analytical, methodical, concerned with justice, never in a hurry but always getting things done.

This person is highly creative, but tends to analyze his ideas into lifeless pieces in order to make money. When this person extends the helping hand in need, they tend to be at a disadvantage to the people they are trying to help and tend to give away too much (foreign aid, anyone?).

He wants to figure out the perfect solution to every problem and look good while doing it.

The biggest weaknesses in this chart are what are missing: the person pictured here almost entirely lacks any curiosity or sense of adventure. Instead of investigating new experiences, the person prejudges them. Also, the considerable creative and analytical abilities are untempered by common sense, as the person has almost none — almost no common sense at all.

Lacking common sense, the Yang Metal Day Stem owner of this chart gets almost no sweetness in life. Such a person needs bigger and grander experiences and events than average, or life is just not satisfying enough.

The United States of America is an unusual case where phenomenal eminence and strength is yoked to profound psychological disatisfaction. As the possessor of a triple Rajayoga in the seventh house, the Jyotish chart shows that the U.S. eminence is coupled to partnerships and alliances. The Chinese chart shows that the U.S. dominates their partners and allies.

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