Four Things You Don't Know About Chinese Astrology...

	2 5 4 9                                                 戊 乙 
	2 * 0 1                                                寅 丑 子 卯

Twelve cute animals on a paper placemat in a Chinese restaurant. That’s probably where you first learned about Chinese astrology and that might be all that you know.

Since I’ve spent twenty-three years studying Chinese astrology, you can figure that there’s a lot more to the subject than you can put on a placemat — and you would be right.

The first thing you don’t know about Chinese astrology is...

1. Those zodiac animals stand for the acupuncture meridians.

There are twelve major acupuncture meridians in the body. Each of them is associated with a major organ or organ system. The meridians are extremely analogous to the magnetic field around the Earth.

The meridians conduct living energy from the organs to all parts of the body and back. When your body is diseased, needles or finger pressure can be applied to specific points on the meridians to unblock, unstick, dissipate, or add living energy to you, helping you heal up.

Here is a list of the Chinese zodiac animals:


Here is the same list, with the organs in the human body matched up with the animals:

Rat Gall Bladder
Ox Liver
Tiger Lung
Rabbit Large Intestine
Dragon Stomach
Snake Spleen/Pancreas
Horse Heart
Sheep Small Intestine
Monkey Urinary Bladder
Rooster Kidney
Dog Pericardium/Heart Governor
Boar Thyroid/Triple Warmer

The Year of the Rat is really a Gall Bladder year. The Year of the Ox is really a Liver year.

In the Year of the Rat, more “chi,” more life energy, is flowing through the Gall Bladder meridian relative to the other eleven. That flow marks itself in the body of a person born in the Year of the Rat, making that person behave like a Rat.

The second thing you don’t know about Chinese astrology is...

2. The meridians are matched up with specific emotions. Life energy flow through the specific meridian makes those specific emotions more likely to happen. When a specific emotion comes up, more living energy flows through the meridian to which it’s matched.

The emphasis of specific emotions is what makes someone born in the Year of the Rat behave like a Rat. The emotions of the Gall Bladder meridian become emotional hot buttons for that person from then on: when you feel good, you feel the good emotions for that meridian; when you feel bad, you feel the difficult emotions for that meridian.

Yes, you can feel all of the emotions. But only the emotions joined to the animals in your Chinese chart will be ongoing hot buttons for you (Yes, I did say animals, but I’m getting ahead of myself).

The third thing you don't know about Chinese astrology is...

3. There are five kinds of each animal.

Each animal is kind of an emotional axis. Positive and “negative” emotions come up whenever the person born in with an animal gets stimulated. Along with the emotions there are also five different flavors of Intention that go along with them.

Intentions are not how you emote — that’s what the emotions are about, naturally. Intentions are how you aim your mind, how more mind reaches for what it’s reaching for.

There are many ways to label intentions, but these labels will do nicely for now:

Curiosity (Chinese element: Water)
Creativity (Chinese element: Wood)
Expression (Chinese element: Fire)
Harmony (Chinese element: Earth)
Order (Chinese element: Metal)

Let’s take five different Rat years to show you what I mean:

1924 was (mostly) a Rat Year. It was a year when creativity was attached to the Rat as an intention. This means that people born in 1924 are basically creative and take initiative, and they use the Rat personality to carry that out. Marlon Brando was an example of a Creative, initiative-taking Rat.

1936 was marked by expression. People born in that year are expressive and talkative, liking to take center-stage (this is not all that they want to do, but expressiveness is part of everyone born in that year). Mary Tyler Moore is an example of an Expressive Rat.

1948 was a year of harmony. Harmony means, in the Taoist Chinese sense, wanting everyone to get along, and coordinating everyone's efforts to that end. Billy Crystal is a Harmonious Rat.

1960 gave its birth children a desire for order. People with this urge want to arrange things, put value judgments on them, and sort them out according to their own standards of good and bad. Daryl Hannah is an Orderly Rat.

1972 brought with it the urge to explore, curiosity, and desire to see what’s around the next corner or over the fence. Cameron Diaz is a Curious Rat.

The fourth thing you don't know about Chinese astrology is...

4. Everyone has FOUR animals, not just one.

Everyone knows about the animal year. But very few people know that there are, not only Rat years, but Rat months, Rat days, and Rat hours.

The personalities you have in your month, day and hour are used in different places in your life from where you use the animal of your year.

While there are five kinds of each animal you can see that there are sixty possible animal years. However each animal year can only have certain animal months to go along with it. Each animal day can only have certain animal hours to go along with it as well. The total number of Chinese charts isn’t 60 times 60 times 60 times 60, or 1,296,000, but 60 times 12 times 60 times 12, or 518400.

The animal and the intention that goes along with the animal form a “pillar.” Since you have four animals in your full Chinese chart, that’s why the art is called “The Four Pillars.”

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