Felicia and Charles and the Issue of Issue

I work with a young woman named Felicia. Felicia is not really her name, but neither is Charles the real name of her former fiancé.

Three months ago, Felicia got engaged to Charles. Just prior to the engagement, I got birth information on Charles purely for my own interest.

Here is Felicia’s chart:

	5 3 4 4                                                 丙 戊
	3 3 4 6                                                未 巳 辰 辰

And here is Charles:

	4 9 3 6                                                 壬 丁
	2 1 7 0                                                丑 申 寅 卯

Two weeks ago, Felicia called off the engagement. While I am fond of, and think well of both of them, let’s investigate the reasons why I am mostly glad the engagement was called off.

First of all, notice the bold-face “4” on the top row of Felicia’s chart. The “4” means that Felicia is primarily an enthusiastic, expressive person, one who likes to take the spotlight. In the Taoist Chinese scheme of the Five Elements, Felicia is a Yin Fire.

Contrast Felicia's bold-face “4” with Charles’ bold-face “3.” Charles is primarily a passionate, goal-driven, expressive type; one who also likes the spotlight on him. A Taoist would call Charles a Yang Fire.

Here we have our first possible problem. That Felicia is Yin and Charles is Yang is not a problem. That both of them are Fires — that can be a problem.

Any group of human beings can be thought of, not only as occupying a culture, but occupying an ecology. Two “Fire” people in close proximity can be thought of as two species trying to occupy the same niche. The ideal pairing is for the elements of the two people in question to be different, but complementary. You can accomplish the complementing of elements in more ways than one, but this didn’t happen with Felicia and Charles.

In the Four Pillars Chinese system the row of numbers on top show your styles of intention, how you aim your mind. The row of numbers on the bottom show you your emotional hot buttons. You can have no intention without a corresponding emotional hot button, and no emotional hot buttons without a matching intention.

Both an intention and an emotional hot button, stacked one on top of the other, is what makes a “pillar” in the “Four Pillars” system of astrology. The Day Pillar, which is the one with the bold-faced number on top, shows how you behave with a significant other.

Felicia’s Day Pillar is Yin Fire/Snake. Charles’ Day Pillar is Yang Fire/Monkey.

Yin Fire/Snake person will tend to regard a spouse as an energetic equal. A Yang Fire/Monkey will tend to have an energetic advantage over a spouse.

There is nothing evil or immoral about having an energetic advantage over a spouse. You are born this way, or you are not. One person in five will have this pattern in their charts. Certainly there is nothing I saw evil or immoral about Charles! Some people simply have charts like this; it’s what they do with what they have that makes them good or evil.

Still, a couple where the energy advantage is unequal can cause problems; the issues this can bring up will not go away — they must be dealt with. Sometimes the answer is — if you know your chart and if you know Chinese astrology — is to not be with such a person.

The astrological world has no totally accepted birth time for Oprah Winfrey, but having an energetic disadvantage with a spouse is probably part of the reason why she has never married. There is also no totally accepted birth time for Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the chart match-up between Hillary and Bill is, in my opinion, why Bill Clinton got to engage in as much extra-marital action as he has, and Hillary has not divorced him.

Finally we come to the biggest objection I have between the two of them. Felicia’s Hour Pillar is probably the strongest Pillar she has. Charles’ Hour Pillar does not feed him energy — it drains him. Like anything in a Chinese chart, this drain can be a great advantage at times, but it puts Felicia and Charles at odds with each other in one important area of their lives.

The Hour Pillar is how you relate to your own children. Felicia wants them. Charles does not.

In this, our society, nobody questions the desire for children. Everybody recognizes children as a great good. Not wanting children sometimes does require an explanation.

When you have a strongly draining part to your Chinese chart, often the people represented by that area of life are simply not there. Sometimes this manifests as actual missing people; just as often it manifests in your life as people who exist in your life, but who energetically are not present. For a Yang Fire person, the Yin Earth/Ox Hour Pillar is the most strongly draining Pillar possible. While it does tend to grant the boon of greater-than-average intelligence, it also means that having children is a greater-than-average drain on your soul.

Compare, too, the Animals in Charles’ Day and Hour Pillars: his Day Animal is Monkey, his Hour Animal is Ox. Monkey and Ox are neither in harmony, nor in conflict: they do not connect together at all. To borrow a term from Ancient Greek astrology, they are in Aversion. If we have the Day Animal in aversion to the Hour Animal, then we have the way you behave with your children disconnected from the way you see yourself. In such a way, by disconnection and by strong drain, are children doubly absent from the querents life.

Charles has Ox in his Hour Pillar, Felicia has Sheep in hers. Were they to have children together, they would have conflicting emotions with each other when they are with their children. At the very least, this would create conflicting differences in how they would raise children; this dynamic would persist if Felicia and Charles were to become parents with each other. While this dynamic is peculiar to Felicia and Charles together, the pattern of drain and aversion in Charles’ chart will manifest regardless of who he will be with.

Charles is correct in not wanting children. They would not be good for him. We now have an astrological explanation for why Charles does not want offspring, and relief from myself that he and Felicia have both dodged a bullet.

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