Detox For The Soul

A magical practice called Network Chiropractic, that does for you exactly what the title says.

One of the big concerns with astrology is: what if you see something bad?

It can be bad in your natal chart, it can be bad in your progressions, it can be bad in your transits, it can be bad in your Time Lord periods. What can you, or a client do, if something bad is in your chart, or something bad is about to happen?

If you can do NOTHING about your future, for good or bad, what’s the use of knowing? Okay, there IS some use in knowing that bad stuff is going to be coming up, but that’s never happy news to deal with, is it?

When Jyotish predicts a bad period of your life coming up, the Jyotishi (Vedic astrology practicioner) will prescribe what are known as upayes, remedial measures to appease the planets — as if they are conscious beings — and appeal to them directly for help and assistance. As it so happens, I have discovered a way to help clear up problems that show up in your Chinese chart.

The best way I know of healing up Chinese chart problems is a kind of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis.

Does that seem weird? Chiropractic for fixing up your Chinese chart? I thought so too, and I still think so.

If you know anything about natural healing you know that the human body can build up toxins from bad living: poor diet, stress, drugs, alcohol, bad living habits. The traditional method for detoxifying your body is to fast; you stop taking in food for a short time, quiet down, and give your body and chance to heal itself and clean itself out.

As you can imagine, you mind and emotions can become toxic too! The mental analogue to a fast is to meditate; you stop taking in mental and emotional food for a short time, quiet down, and give you mind and soul and chance to heal itself and clean itself out.

What Network Chiropractic can do (and what it has done for me) is to jump-start, accelerate, and just plain facilitate the process of ridding your BODY of stresses and strains that the toxic thoughts from your MIND (and from exposure to other people) have put into you; stresses and strains in your body and in your SPINE that you have NO IDEA are still stored away in you — from days ago or years ago — until they are GONE.

* * * * *

Donald Epstein is the World’s Greatest Chiropractor.

That’s my opinion of the creator of Network Chiropractic, and I’m sticking with it.

Donnie (the man does not like to be called “Doctor Epstein”) revolutionized the field of chiropractic with an opening epiphany; but first I need to preface myself:

There are as many schools and methods within Chiropractic as there are subdivisions of the Christian faith. I don’t say this disparagingly, I see this as a sign of vitality — in both cases (there are numberless schools and factions within the world of astrology, too, for that matter). Donnie’s epiphany was this: what if all of the numerous techniques discovered in chiropractic are right, but need to be applied to the person at different times in the persons development, or re-alignment? What if your body itself will tell the chiropractor when each technique should be used?

Doubtless, turning an epiphany into a coherent body of practice — or at least the foundations of a coherent body of practice — took longer to do than I make it seem. In his office in Long Island, New York, Donald Epstein began to use his theories on patients.

He didn’t have to wait long to get results.

What would you think if you had a new theory about how the human body should be healed up, you made a few gentle contacts on a patients body, and he starts writhing and coughing on the chiropractic table, and SMOKE starts coming out of his mouth??

The patient had been caught in, and traumatized, by a fire. His body had remained wounded enough, traumatized enough, that smoke from the fire was still trapped in his lungs — years later.

With results like this, repeated, a chiropractors reputation can certainly grow. Soon, Donnie had patients lined around the block to see him.

I was introduced to Network Chiropractic by David Ben-Kiki, who used to have a practice in Beverly Hills, California. I went to him originally to fix a minor problem, but being a true health nut, I started getting regular chiropractic for its own sake.

It was November of 1991 when David came in, rubbing his hands together, proclaiming that he had just learned some techniques from a new method called “Network Chiropractic.” He was most eager to try them out on me, and as I had always gotten great results from him, I lay face-down on the adjustment table, ready and expectant.

It was certainly a good session, but not markedly different from the other techniques he had used on me. When I was done, David looked puzzled, as if he expected — more. I continued to receive Network from him until January 23, 1992 when Donald Epstein himself came to the Radisson Hotel in Los Angeles to give a lecture, and a demonstration.

No true health enthusiast could see the demonstration and remain unmoved. All of the Los Angeles area Network Chiropractors came on stage and lay on tables for Donnie to work on them. With seemingly very minor adjustments — no “cracking backs” or necks here — the people on stage writhed, moaned, spasmed, and struck astonishing poses as if compelled, or possessed. Everyone in the audience could see that none of this was an act. With the simplest of touches, Donald Epstein sent life energy flowing — surging — though his subjects.

My own next session with David came the next day, a Friday. Visions of writhing chiropractors on stage fresh in my mind, I lay face down, received a contact from David, and started to breathe.

And breathe.


I inhaled and exhaled, deeply and relentlessly, and did not want to stop. My face, arms, chest, and thighs became numb from hyperoxia, yet I continued to breathe deeply. I kept this up for almost a half of an hour before finally stopping, woozy from my efforts.

I was hooked.

* * * * *

How does Network Chiropractic tie in with the Four Pillars Chinese Astrology? Why do I claim that the one reveals-and-helps-to-heal-up problems with the other?

If you recall, the Chinese zodiac animals refer to life energy — chi or ki energy — flowing through your acupuncture meridians. Courtesy of the work of George Goodheart and John Thie, we know that certain muscles in the body are associated with your internal organs. It so happens that the location of those muscles and the pathways traced by the acupuncture meridians are joined together!

The front deltoid muscle is, according to John Thie’s “Touch For Health” technique, associated with the Gall Bladder. The Gall Bladder meridian runs right over the front deltoid; it makes sense that chi energy flowing through the Gall Bladder meridian would affect the front deltoid muscle. It also makes sense that flexing the front deltoid muscle will, in turn, affect the chi flow through the Gall Bladder meridian.

In an ideally balanced person, chi energy would flow freely and equally through every muscle and every part of the body. As we know from Chinese astrology, this ideal does not happen automatically.

All twelve major acupuncture meridians do not have an equal amount of chi energy flowing through them. From the year, month, day, and hour of your birth you have four meridians — corresponding to the four Animals in your Chinese chart — that get emphasized in your life. This imbalance of chi flow adds extra energy and tension in certain muscles of your body, and reduces energy and tension in other muscles.

The unequal and contrasting pushes and pulls of your muscles have an unbalancing effect on your spine.

What we call instinctive behavior and habitual behavior comes from the stored stresses on your spinal column.

Your Network Chiropractor will say, when you are told to “put your problems behind you,” that that is exactly where your problems go: right behind you, into your spine. Out of sight, out of mind — but not out of your life!

Conventional chiropractic explains your worsening posture in terms of past injuries to the body — a fall here, a hurt there — that persist past the time that the physical injury has healed up. What I’m saying here is that your emotional injuries, especially emotional injuries suffered by the Animal Personalities in your Four Pillars Chinese chart, explain both why your posture gets worse over time, and why your emotional resilience diminishes over time.

Do the Animals in your Chinese chart really affect the way you carry yourself? Do they really make you stand straight, or crooked, in a way that anyone can see? You bet they can.

There is a physical posture I’ve noticed with people born in Snake Hours. It’s what I call the “Queen of Hearts” posture. The most famous person with this posture was Alfred Hitchcock, the great film director. Incidentally, the birth time of Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, according to the AstroDataBank Wiki, is in dispute. I am convinced, on the evidence of his posture alone, that Hitchcock was born between 9am and 11am, Local Apparent (Sundial) Time in London, England. Not incidentally, I have seen people with posture profiles having exactly the same pattern as Mr. Hitchcock, who were born in Snake Hour without dispute.

* * * * *

What makes Network Chiropractic a healing technique for Chinese chart problems?

Donnie has a saying — actually he has many sayings — but this one is my favorite:

“You can’t Heal it until you Feel it.”

Unpleasant emotions are part of the pleasure-pain systems in your body that tell you that something needs attention, something needs to be healed up, for you to be made well and whole again. The more you feel the unpleasant emotions and the better focus and definition you have on what those emotions mean for you, the better will Network Chiropractic be able to clear away the past and current traumas to your soul.

IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING, AND NETWORK CHIROPRACTIC IS, INDEED, KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING — FEELING EVEN INTENSE, UNPLEASANT EMOTIONS ARE PART OF THE PROCESS OF HEALING YOURSELF UP. Intense and unpleasant emotions really do have a place in life! They are a prelude to becoming better and stronger and more whole, if you have a natural practice like Network Chiropractic to move them out and move yourself onward.

Nearly all allopathic medicine treats symptoms. Allopathic medicine does not heal. It takes the symptoms away — it takes the pain, the FEELINGS, away — so that the patient can try — and often fail — to go right back to the way they were living before the symptoms started. The patient is cheated out of the opportunity to improve their life, to heal up, because allopathic medicine takes the feeling away. As is true for the physical body, so is it true for the emotional body — you have to feel before you can heal.

The Four Pillars Chinese astrology was originally intended as a predictive system, as were all systems of astrology, at least prior to Alan Leo, Mark Edmund-Jones, and Dane Rudhyar. Still, it has a psychological dimension just as powerful as the work of those three great men. Chinese astrology can reveal exactly the ways, the styles, with which you aim your mind. Chinese astrology reveals just as exactly which emotions you most use, and when you use them, to evaluate the stuff of the world in front of you.

The clearer the focus you have on how the world assists or disrupts the way you want to aim your mind, the clearer the focus you can get on how your emotions nourish you or injure you, the faster you can heal up, move on, and improve your life by your own standards.

Network Chiropractic is not the only practice in existence that can help you clear the debris out of your soul. Meditation is not a New-Age crock; it has been around for centuries. Hatha Yoga is cited by its devotees as a way to spread peace around the world, and they are not wrong. Doctor Joseph Mercola, on his highly popular health web site touts the benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique, which uses affirmations along with tapping the acupuncture meridians at specific points, to free up your emotions and make you more emotionally whole. I expouse the benefits of Network Chiropractic because my own life is a testament to its healing powers. I say about Network what the great Greek astrologer Vettius Valens said about a certain astrological technique he was exposed to: “I have tested this by personal experience, and it works.”

* * * * *

If you want to consult a Network Chiropractor in your area, a list of practicioners can be found HERE.

When you receive a consultation from me, and I have difficult information to give you from your Chinese chart, I do not hesitate to let you know that it exists, or what shape it has. When bad news is coming up, you can make things better — you cannot always escape from misfortune, but you can always make your situation better. For the shape of your emotional and intentional soul, Chinese astrology will tell you that shape better than anything else I know of. To heal up from the problems Chinese astrology reveals, Network Chiropractic is invaluable.

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