Birthday Twins

Unlike your standard Western or Vedic astrology chart, there are a finite number of Four Pillars Chinese charts possible. 518,400 is a large number, but it’s finite; your weakest computer has no trouble handling such a number with ease.

That being the case, matching Chinese charts can turn up at regular intervals throughout history, at intervals of sixty years apart. There is no guarantee that the same set of four Pillars will turn up exactly sixty years in the future, but over the course of centuries you can be assured that any given set of Pillars has come up many times.

I’ll illustrate my point by using an interesting chart. It is possible for a single Chinese chart to have all four Pillars be identical. We are not talking only talking about having a Rat year, Rat month, Rat day, and Rat hour. No. There are five different kinds of each Rat: Wood Rats, Fire Rats, Earth Rats, Metal Rats, and Water Rats. If you had a chart that consisted of all four Pillars being exactly the same kind of Rat, all four Pillars would be identical.

As it happens, it's not possible for all four Rat Pillars to be identical. Only ten Pillars out of the possible sixty can be quadruple-identical: Wood/Dog, Earth/Snake, Wood/Rooster, Metal/Dragon, Fire/Monkey, Metal/Rabbit, Water/Tiger, Fire/Sheep, Earth/Horse, and Water/Boar.

To keep things simple, let's confine our theoretical birth charts to a birth location of Beijing. On June 25, 1978, at Noon, Standard Time, a person born then would be a quadruple Yang Earth/Horse:

	5 5 5 5                                                 戊 戊
	5 5 5 5                                                午 午 午 午

In theory, a quadruple Earth/Horse might have been born sometime in 1918. This combination did not come up that year. It did not turn up in 1858 either. How about 1798?

Paydirt. A person born in Beijing on June 8, 1798 at Noon would also be a quadruple Yang Earth/Horse.

We can find people living today who have the same Four Pillars charts as famous people in history:

Adolf Hitler had the following Four Pillars:

	6 5 3 4                                                 戊 己
	0 3 1 8                                                酉 寅 辰 丑

Fortunately, we have not had a Hitler birthday twin since, and will not have another one until April 22, 2129.

George Gershwin almost surely has twins alive, as one of his birthday twins would be born on September 12, 1958:

	5 8 9 3                                                 辛 戊
	9 8 3 5                                                午 辰 酉 戍

Somewhere a budding Bruce Lee is studying hard to kick some butt, as the original has a birthday twin born on November 12, 2000:

	7 4 1 5                                                 丁 庚
	3 X 9 3                                                辰 戍 亥 辰

Fred Astaire had birthday twins alive while he was still performing, as his were born on May 20, 1959:

	6 6 6 2                                                 己 己
	X 4 2 X                                                亥 卯 巳 亥

Mao Ze-dong's birth was reported using, not the exact birth time, but his Four Pillars. He has a birthday twin born on December 12, 1953:

	X 1 4 1                                                 甲 癸
	4 * 8 3                                                辰 酉 予 巳

We have no birth time for Ludwig van Beethoven, but it's certain that birthday twins were born on January 2, 1951:

	7 5 9                                                 戊 庚
	1 * 1                                                寅 子 寅

Franklin D. Roosevelt has a twin born on January 17, 1942. Assumedly his twin has been spared polio:

	8 8 7 3                                                 辛 辛
	4 0 5 9                                                戍 午 丑 巳

Astrologers have remarked on the similar planet placements, in their Western charts, between FDR and former Vice-President Dick Cheney, as they share a birthday. As you can see, the Four Pillars chart aren't at all alike, but ironically, Cheney has a birthday twin as well, born on January 16, 2001:

	7 6 6 X                                                 己 庚
	3 0 2 8                                                酉 卯 丑 辰

John F. Kennedy never did live long enough to meet any birthday twin of his, as his were born on May 15, 1977:

	4 2 9 5                                                 乙 丁
	4 4 7 7                                                申 申 巳 巳

If you look at very striking pattern of internal conflict in his Chinese chart, you may conclude that it was hard for Lyndon Johnson to be himself. Hopefully his birthday twin will have an easier time of it — and have as much success in life as LBJ did — but born on August 12, 1968:

	5 7 1 3                                                 庚 戊
	7 7 1 1                                                寅 寅 申 申

Speaking of people with internal conflict: I would never have thought, as a six-year old watching the “Wonderful World of Color” on the NBC station, that “Uncle Walt” Disney would be loaded with it. It didn't keep him from having a pretty good life:

	8 6 4 7                                                 己 辛
	0 X 4 *                                                子 巳 亥 丑

Oh, yes; his birthday twin was born on November 20, 1961.

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