Astrology is Healing

Astrology can heal you.

That's not all that it can do, but it can heal you and help make you whole.

When you receive a consultation, any astrologer worth her salt can see before her all the issues you need to take care of. The real trick is to know what needs to be healed up, and when.

By contrast, Modern Medicine does not deal with healing. If you want to insult a doctor nowadays, call him a Healer! Modern Medicine concerns itself with Curing. You treat the patient with this pill, or that vaccine, and when the symptoms are gone, the patient is pronounced “cured.”

What does it mean to be “cured?” For example, what does it mean to cure a ham?

Sadly, and frighteningly, asking that question is more pertinent than you might think. Curing a ham involves immersing the meat into a bath of a slightly noxious substance (brine or sugar solution) and reducing the life force within it to a measured degree so that the meat will keep, and not spoil. In order to keep fresh meat from spoiling, it has to be cooked and/or eaten immediately, or kept alive still attached to the meat animal. Any method of preservation aims to reduce the life force in the meat in order to retain some of the nourishment/life force for future consumption. Once the part of the animal is detached from the whole, the life force leaves quickly.

One way to look at the problem with Modern Medicine is that it treats people like a collection of parts, rather than a whole and vital being. People are being “cured” with noxious substances — drugs and vaccines — so that their symptoms of spoilage can be kept in check.

Sorry Doc, people are whole and vital beings, with an integrity of their own. If you treat people like a haphazard collection of parts, they are going to behave like a collection of parts, detached from the whole, and all of those parts are going to spoil: their life force is going to leave.

Healing does not use pills. Healing does not use vaccines. To heal up, the healer needs to work with the total person and let the persons body tell the healer what to do first, and then what to do next. Taking a pill or vaccine to cure you will not solve your problems, at least not for long.

Astrology can heal you up. Astrology is a natural practice. If you use bits and pieces of astrology to cure bits and pieces of your body and soul, it will give you no better results than Modern Medicine does. Astrology is not a Magic Pill, and thank god for that! It can help make you whole and make your life better — much better.

However, it would be wrong of me to say that healing, in particular astrological healing, is always comfortable. As Donald Epstein, the world's greatest chiropractor, once said: “You can't heal it until you feel it.”

Does calling someone “The World's Greatest Chiropractor” sound faintly ridiculous? Well, Dr. Epstein might not want any such label put on him, but I regard the label as the complete truth; and being the world's greatest chiropractor is a much more benign title than “The World's Greatest Stock Trader,” or “The World's Greatest Political Lobbyist,” or “The World's Greatest Serial Murderer.”

(To visit the web site of the World's Greatest Chiropractor, click HERE).

When you come to an astrologer, often you come bearing a symptom, a symptom of your life out of balance. Please do not expect a Magic Bullet to kill the disease in your life with one pill, or one stick with the needle, or one sit-down session. Astrology doesn't work that way, but I can help make you well and whole again. That is my intention when you come to me for a consultation.

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