Chinese, Greek, and Vedic Astrology by Ko Hashiguchi

Chinese Four Pillars astrology excels in these areas:

• It shows your emotional hot buttons, the major emotional issues that drive your behavior, using plain English, without having to learn new words.

• It gives you the shape of your intentional hot buttons, the ways you aim your mind as you live and work.

• It shows you the trends and energy periods of your life; when the elements of living help you out, or get in your way.

Why I use THREE astrologies...

• There is no one true astrology. More than one astrology really works!

• Different astrologies are like different systems in the human body: they all have their functions and they all reveal something different when you examine them.

• When you integrate more than one astrology into a comprehensive system, you get a much better look at your total life.

• I use: the Chinese Four Pillars, the System of Hermes/Hellenistic astrology, and Jyotish from India.

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